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Username: sissyonline
Description: Featuring Sissy Melissa Pink
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2014-02-11 13:58:38
Sissy Melissa Pink Phonesex and Chat.

I am a pretty brunette sissy tgirl and I love being dominated by strong men. I like to dress to please, sometimes I wear sexy skirts and dresses and heels with stockings, but I love to wear my sissy frilly dresses best. I love to look gorgeous and good enough to eat!

I love to be dominated and told what to do by strong men. I love having my sissy ass spanked until it is red and rosy. I love showing off for you and will show you whatever you desire. I often fantasise about being forced to suck cock and be fucked in my sissy pussy. And I love shemales!

I love spanking, submission, being dominated, dressing for others, putting on make up, performing oral sex. I have dildos that I love to suck and fuck. I even love dressing as an adult youngest with plastic pants, underwears, pacifiers and youngest clothes.

2014-01-21 14:09:07
anonymous --- Thank you for the kind words. I have naturally soft skin, so once I reomve the hair, it looks fairly feminine. For boob, I taped my breasts together using surgical tape to get the cleavage and filled out the top with my home made falsies.

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