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The Mistress Jetset Mobile Dominatrix Directory

The Mistress Jetset Mobile Dominatrix Directory


Username: mistressjetset
Description: The Mistress Jetset Mobile Dominatrix Directory
Member Since: 2013-02-05

Average Rating: 5 / 5
Number of Ratings: 22

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2019-05-02 13:03:15
MistressJetset: Lady Sophia Larou of Denmark. København Mistress, tortur, herskinde, ydmygelse, sadisme, fangeleg. Resides in: Denmark. Travels Destinations: London, NYC, Stockholm, Germany, Paris and more.. Sadistically divine, penetrating areas of your flesh and mind that you never realized were possible. Physically, I am stunning, arising a lust and helplessness in you to prostrate yourself on your knees to lick, clean and worship my boots and hope to be useful and experience what it is like to serve in my world. I am a lifestyle Domina, my sexuality goes beyond the walls of the dungeon. It is who I am and I express it in everything I do. I am a sadist. I am a fetishist. I am a Dominant Female. I am in my mid 20s, highly educated, with a deep rooted background in the fine arts and psychology, born with a natural talent for dominating men and always fine tuning my passions and skills. I am well versed and have trained vigorously in many different aspects of BDSM. I enjoy traveling to give submissives and slaves the international opportunity to be at my feet and it gives me the experience of learning from the different shadows of BDSM that the world has to offer. I am the ultimate Femme Fatale. My golden blonde hair, rose lips, perfect body and piercing eyes leave you weak and feeling humbled, knowing that your only place in my presence is to offer up your body to me, to tease and deny you, use your skin as a canvas for my whips, floggers and canes, your cock to be crushed underneath my heels and your mind to be exposed to me and my desires for you. Mentally, I take pleasure in reaching the kinkiest and darkest corners of your mind, bringing you to places you could never imagine without my lead, experiencing pain and pleasure simultaneously. I welcome respectful submissives, slaves, bottoms, fetishists and novices who are well mannered and polite. you are to address me as Lady Sophia always. In addition to eager submissive gentlemen and fetish enthusiasts, I also love playing with kinky couples and submissive ladies. The spectrum of my interests are quite vast and my style ranges from the sensual and seductive, to the sadistic and cruel, from teasing and playful to the kinky and bizarre: leading you on to the exploration of your deepest desires. Domina Worship, Tease and Denial, Chastity, Cuckolding, Anal/Strap On Training, Slave Training/Reprogramming, Servitude Protocol Training, Behavior Modification, Corporal Punishment, Whipping/Flogging, Spanking/Caning/Paddling, Interrogation, CBT, Bondage, Feminization, Bimbofication, Sissy Slut Training, Humiliation, Latex Worship, Boot and Foot Worship and much more... When booking an appointment, you may inquire with your preferred date and time. Be sure to write me about your fantasies and desires, your interests and inspiration and your limits. Do note, I am only taking booking in advance with a deposit. Tel:+4527894626

2019-04-23 16:02:06
MistressJetset: Mistress Eve of London. Bondage: Do you like to be bound... All sessions are conducted from my newly refurbished, multi roomed chambers in Earls Court. Covering over 1500 sq ft, my multi roomed chambers are fully equipped to provide a range of scenarios. From the more traditional dungeon room and prison cell, I can also create a more sensual setting with two large boudoirs and a dressing room. Situated just 2 minutes from the Warwick Road exit of the Earls Court tube station (Piccadilly and District line), I am centrally located. Parking is also available outside. Half an hour from Heathrow airport. You may respectfully apply to request an audience with me via phone be well aware that I require at least 2 to 3 hours advance notice AND I do not accept calls from withheld numbers under any circumstances. Here is a short list detailing some my favourite games and the fetishes I enjoy. Does it excite you to be in bondage? maybe you like the humiliation from a powerful Mistress: This list is not exhaustive so do contact me if your particular interest is not listed: Corporal Punishment: from mild to extreme. Spanking, caning, OTK, whipping, flogging. Humiliation and Degradation (private and public humiliation). Therapy psychoanalysis, Infantilism, Doggy training, Watersports, Spitting, Bondage (rope, cuffs, chains, etc), CBT, Nipple play and t*rture, Faceslapping. Candle play, Fire play, Electrics, Sensory Deprivation, Smothering and Breath play, breath control (with my tits, ass, thighs). Face sitting, fantasy wrestling. Maid training and domestic training. Enforced Feminisation and complete transformations, Slut training. Strapon, Anal play and training. Masturbation instructions, ruined orgasms. Boot worship, shoe domination, foot fetish, foot worship and trampling, collection of boots, shoes and stockings. Body worship (ass worship at my discretion). Tease and Denial, Chastity training, key holding. Roleplay: unlimited creative scenarios possible from the strict Head Mistress to the sexy aunt, Good cop bad cop, naughty nurse, the possibilities are endless. I have an extensive fetish wardrobe consisting of PVC, rubber, latex, leather, catsuits and much more. I also have many custom made corsets and wide range of lingerie and stockings. I have a large boot and shoe collection which I adore. TVs are more than welcome at Eves Place. Outfits to die for. AVAILABILITY: I am available from 8am up to late, 7 days a week. Extended sessions and overnight stays also considered by prior arrangement. When you arrive we will discuss your interests and limits. Our session will always be tailor made to your individual needs so we can both get the most satisfaction out of play time. Each session will be as unique and individual as you are and I strive to exceed your expectations. I will understand your fantasies and exactly what type of session you will enjoy. While I will take your comments on board, what actually happens is completely up to me. Trust me. Expect to feel truly used and abused and you will come crawling back on your hands and knees for more. What I have in my X 2 Dungeons are: St. Andrews Cross Bondage chair. CP Equipment: floggers crops canes whips. Restraints: Straps arm and leg cuffs rope Leg Spreaders. Masks, gags, leashes, clamps, Cross dressing clothes, wigs, stockings, make up, butt plugs, vibrators etc etc. All limits and boundaries will be respected in a safe, sane and mutually agreeable session we will both be guaranteed to enjoy. Tel:+447810805745

2013-10-12 15:43:51

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