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Mistress Cleo NZ ★ Herrin Cleo von Berlin ★ Goddess to Bondage-pigs

Mistress Cleo NZ ★ Herrin Cleo von Berlin ★ Goddess to Bondage-pigs


Username: rent-a-cage
Description: I am charismatic. I am strong. I am Femdom personified. I dominate you
Category: Sissy Training
Member Since: 2011-11-08

Average Rating: 5 / 5
Number of Ratings: 16

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2014-09-10 13:03:47
Heey, sorry for bothering You Goddess :D but i simply can't stop looking at Your photos, i'm speechless.. I believe You are the reason why people like me - submissives exist. I'm pretty sure we bow down inside us, because of Goddesses like You, having so Dominant look as You. We sees You and simply know we aren't worthy of anything other than submit to You and serve Goddess they She wants. I can honestly say i would give anything to live on my knees at Goddesses feet for the rest of my life serving You. :)

2013-12-31 03:10:01
Mistress Cleo is so much more powerfull than a chef. No one out ranks her in this house so the prospective chef better be able to take orders and follow them fully with the utmost respect and dignity to her authority. maid traycee

2013-12-13 13:37:11
Why does the most beautiful kiwi domme to leave our shores :) fairy_wear_heels @FetLife

2013-04-20 15:44:54
Hello Mistress I remember emailing you a long time ago but was to much of a whimp to reply. I just wanted to compliment you on your breathtaking presence. I truly wish I was in a position to submit to you in RT... you are what kinky peverted dreams are made of. Dreams of someone educated, striking, attention demanding, sadistic and evil all rolled into one. I can only dream of some of the extreme things you have put your 'bitches' through to meet the impeccable high standards of such a wonderful goddess. Yours in awe James

2013-03-22 16:11:17
Beautiful divine Mistress Cleo You are so incredibly generous to shower Your slave off with Your precious warm golden nectar. What a lucky pig and how much more of an honour must it be to be allowed to taste and drink Your champagne.

2012-05-28 16:43:32
Mistress fucked my holes with Her huge strapon. I have never had it so hard before. Loved it! WOW!

2011-11-09 12:33:08
We are normally a Dom couple and we have visited this wonderful Woman several times, as Her submissive clients. you may ask why? Well She is the most capable and trustworthy Domina that We have ever had the pleasure to meet! There is never any messing around for Her on Her part, She is Dominant right from the word go. There is never any chance of us slipping into Active mode ourselves, She remains in complete demanding control until She kicks us out into the street! She literally does! Truely amazing. So real, so intoxicating, such a pleasure that She pushes our limits and we explore the other side. She has never publicly humiliated us and holds confidentiality at events. We cannot imagine doing this with any other Domina. We found the best already, Her name is Mistress Cleo

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