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Sissy Chastity Devices at My Sissy School

Sissy Chastity Devices at My Sissy School


Username: chastity
Description: Locked Sissy Cocks at My Sissy School, Sissy Chastity Devices and Steelware Buttplugs by the score in the Sissy Boutique, Head Mistress insists that all sissies adhere to anal and CBT sissy training modules at My Sissy School
Category: Sissy Training
Member Since: 2011-10-30

Average Rating: 5 / 5
Number of Ratings: 13

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2015-10-21 13:20:23
Goddess J is truly wonderful. I have known Goddess for sometime now and I adore her more with every passing day. My visit to worship Goddess J went beyond my wildest dreams and will stay fondly in my memory forever!

2014-02-10 12:40:05
I respectfully salute you Aunty Nikki,

I have been using chastity devices for about 15 years. Initially I did not have a keyholder.

I used various methods of prolonging my period in the device including posting the keys to myself on Friday morning using second class mail which would be delivered to me on the following Tuesday while I was at work. So I was without the key for five days. I made myself remain locked up for up too a month.

In 2009 I found an on line keyholder who set me a schedule for the period of time I would be locked up and she required me to remain locked up for three months, however she sent me the key once a month so that I could attend to my hygiene needs. So far my devices had all been plastic (CB 2000)
I was still in possession of an emergency key which was in a sealed packet.

In 2009 I also got a Prince Albert piercing (PA) which improved the security as the chain attached to the PA ring prevented removal of the device. If I "pulled out" of the device either accidentally (which happened from time to time) or purposely I still could not remove it.

In 2010 I was taken on by the Mistress who now owns me. The device was changed to a steel, open weave cage which was easier to clean. Initially she used a key to control my period in the device. Mistress extended my lockups to three months and checked on the health of Her Property with each extension. I no longer had possession of the security key. It was lodged with a nearby friend who knew I was locked up.

The security method was then changed to the use of numbered tags of which she made a note.
The emergency key was no longer needed as I could report any emergencies to Mistress ans send her a photo over the phone to prove I needed to remove the device. I had to break the seal, reinstall the device and send her another picture of the new tag in place within 10 minutes.

Mistress trained me well and late last year she had me remove the device and refrain from touching Her property. The first time she tried I managed one month without lapsing before she had me lock up again. on 20th November she instructed me to remove the device again. I lasted until February 1st before I begged her to let me replace the device.

In that time the torment and frustration had built up to the extent that I was distracted nearly all the time by desires to have an orgasm. I was not allowed to have one before I replaced the device but strangely the torment has abated. I still feel the want of an orgasm but rely on the chastity device to prevent it.

I do not know when Mistress will allow me to have an orgasm. My last was in mid November so I am now approaching three months. The longest period she has denied me in the past was 6 months so I am not expecting one any time soon.

2014-02-06 14:54:57
i agree that all sissies must sit to pee. over the last 20 yrs i have had no choice but to squat. i have a prince albert piercing which has a stretched 8mm hole so i have no choice.
sissy chastity von My Sissy School

2014-02-03 13:08:11
re: cum taste
this is one of my hard limits :-(
as soon as i shoot my load, my desire to continue disappears sadly.
the only way i can do it is with sucking on ice block 'cumsicles'
i know to be a good sissy that i have to learn to accept eating cum and like it , its just very difficult for me for now.
i hope to find a way around this so i am ready for a real cock :-)


2014-01-30 13:51:07
I've never worn a chastity belt for more than 48 hours, but my wife controls my orgasms, I'm a sissy cuckold. I have currently gone 191 days without 'squirting' despite daily controlled masturbation. My body is a tingling sissy sex machine and I live for those moments when I feel her lovers balls on my tongue, his cock fucking my face until he is prepared to have his way with her!

2013-08-20 12:25:13
I've just bought a lovely metal cock ring with a thick metal ball that goes in my sissy hole, I've had it in me day to train my sissy boi pussy

2012-04-07 14:21:05
sissy curtsey, i love my sissy school and wear a really secure sissy chastity device as instructed by Head Mistress

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